samedi 29 novembre 2008

Jerry CORBITT, "Corbitt", 1969

Fondateur des Youngbloods avec Jesse Colin Young, Jerry Corbitt quittera le groupe après le 2ème album.
Un membre de la communauté du site rateyourmusic tient cet album en haute estime : "This here is his first solo album, but it's better than anything The Youngbloods ever did with or without him! Killer west-coasty jangle country rock sound with lite-psych touches. Charlie Daniels helps with instruments and production. Bernie Krause is awesome on moog as well. Felix Pappalardi is on here somewhere too. I'm talking lost classic here dammit!"
L' extraordinaire "Out Of The Question" vole la vedette à lui tout seul.


4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for this! Don't suppose you'd have another one of Corbitt's albums, called "Jerry Corbitt":

Starsailor a dit…

hi, no sorry I don't own his second album.

Clint EastWoodentops a dit…

bonnne bouille de roadie des Village People! Corbier avec une grosse bite?
(ok, je sors...)

bruise a dit…

This is just great. I had no idea it existed. Wow.