jeudi 6 novembre 2008

JEANETTE, "Hum..." (1984) + "Prefab In The Sun" (1988)

"Un jour, on reçoit cette chose sous pochette grise et photo noir et blanc : la chanteuse, inconnue, s'appelle Jeanette, et le mini album "Hum". Il est envoyé par un type d'une maison de disques qui "pense que ça va te plaire". Pour une fois, il tombe juste. "City Blues" est la voix du fantôme de Billie Holiday, joué par une fille blanche qui chanterait pour un seul."

Avec cet extrait du très beau "Sur le rock" de François Gorin resté dans un coin de notre mémoire, on aura cherché ce disque pendant longtemps, lors des déambulations dans les conventions de disques. Découvert tardivement l'année dernière, il ne nous aura pas bouleversé. Gorin le citait aux côtés d'une certaine new wave anglaise que j'appellerai volontiers "bluewave" : Young Marble Giants, Everything But the Girl, Week End. Cette sorte de blues urbain synthétique préfigure aussi le très beau "Hats" du Blue Nile.
Mon exemplaire de "Hum" est en état très moyen mais vous permettra de vous faire une idée.
(Pour ceux qui se poseraient la question, cette Jeanette n'est pas la chanteuse de "Porque te vas", ni Jeanette Landray, la voix qui accompagnait Robert Smith au sein de The Glove)


Prefab in the Sun (1)

Prefab in the Sun (2)

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Sleepdriver a dit…

I really LOVED these two LPs by Jeanette...mostly because they were written by Furniture members such as Tim Whelan, and the music resembles both Furniture and The Associates, two of the 80s' most underrated yet important bands! Magical piano ballads led by powerful vocals and jazzy rhythms...very hauting music!
Have you got the Jeanetics album "Scale 0-100", as well?
cheers from Rome

Starsailor a dit…

hi sleepdriver and thanks for your interest! I'll post the Jeanetics soon !
I didn't know Furniture, I found their albums on &

Sleepdriver a dit…

Thank you very much, Starsailor! Can't wait fro Jeanetics :-)
I'll search for something by Week End...and I highly recommend you every Furniture album since their music is unique, especially the songs "Love Me", "What The Fog Said", "Why Are We In Love?" and "Pause"...all masterpieces!
Please subscribe to their mailing list
P.S. if you like new waveneoprogressive/jazz/synthpop music, check out my songs at

Sleepdriver a dit…

Hi! I made a search and found that there are some other songs by Jeanette, released on compilations or singles only...besides her partecipation in a song by This Mortal Coil and the Jeanetics'LP, there are also:

"194 Radio City" (as Jaqui & Jeanette, 1979),

"Sunny Side" (1983),

"In The Morning" (1984),

"Lady Blue" (1985),

"Twilight Playground" (1985),


"Let's Take Over" (1985),

"Johnny" (1989),

"Midnight On A Rusting Train" (1989).

Have you got some of them to share?

Starsailor a dit…

hi sleepdriver : no I don't have any of the other tracks she recorded, I would have told you already, since you are so enthusiastic about her ;-)
Do you have more details about the song with This Mortal Coil? Are you sure it's not Jeanette Landray ?

Sleepdriver a dit…

Hi! Sorry for my newbie's enthusiasm ;-)
Anyway, infos about her collaboration with This Mortail Coil can be found here:

Sleepdriver a dit…

Anyway, I found an mp3 of Jaqui & Jeanette's "194 Radio City"...very catchy reggae-funk stuff, somehow reminiscent of Fashion, at least to my can find it on soulseek :-)

Anonyme a dit…

hi there, could you please upload jeanette songs on rapidshare?? i tried so many times to get them from mediafire but after 5% the download stops.


Starsailor a dit…

here you are :

Anonyme a dit…

thanks starsailor, you're very kind :-)

Reno a dit…

Do you still have Jeanette's album "Hum.." ?
I've tried to download froms these links but they didn't work...
I'm looking for this album on internet but it's very hard to find. Thank You!

Starsailor a dit…

here you go Reno !

Renan a dit…

Thank you very much!!!
Your blog is amazing!
If you want the link that has "194 Radio City" music I can send to you.

Starsailor a dit…

yes please, I'd like to hear that !

Reno a dit…

This is the link for the album "Street To Street - A Liverpool Album" that has Jaqui & Jeanette's track "194 Radio City".


Stathis a dit…


unfortunately the links are dead.

Can you please repost them or send me e-mail at

Thank you very much
Efstathiou Stathis

Zid a dit…

Aloha there!

Do you mind reposting Hum and .well all you can repost from Jeannette.. I am tryng to fond the LP's for buying them..but actualy it seems that I do need to ear somme songs from this lady.
I obviously thank one million times in advance.
greetings from southern france!

Starsailor a dit…

hi Zid, give me an email adress and I'll send you links !

Anonyme a dit…

Is it possible to have the Jeanette links reposted or sent to me? It would be greatly appreciated. I have Hum,but I'm looking for Jeanetics scale_0_10? I couldn't find you email address to email you directly???

Starsailor a dit…

hi, give me an email adress and I'll send you a link.

Anonyme a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

Lazerlord a dit…

Hi Starsailor! Thanks for a nice music blog.
Any chance you could send me a link to these two Jeanette albums as well? Would be greatly appreciated, I've been searching for them a long time.
My e-mail is
Thanks in advance!

Anonyme a dit…

Nice blog! Could you please send me the links to these two albums and the John Braheny album too?
Thank you so much!

Zakuro a dit…

Nice blog! Could you please send me the links to these two albums and the John Braheny album too?
Thank you so much!

send the links to me on my email please i need this albums

Sage Indigo a dit…

Hi Starsailor,

I just discovered Jeanette's music and fell in love with what I heard on the LP, "Hum..."

Could you send me the download link for the album, please?

Thank you,

Unknown a dit…

Hi . Great blog ! Can I ask you to links for JEANETTE, "Hum..." (1984) + "Prefab In The Sun" (1988)
My email
Merci d'avance!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Starsailor !
Thanks for your blog, your music and your enthusiasm !
Could you send me links to the Jeanette albums ?

Thanks, take care, Sven

Anonyme a dit…

hi, is it possible to have the links to Jeanette's?
thxxxx !

calle a dit…

After reading about Jeanette in mojos buried treasure section this spring i ve been quite entranced by this woman,i would love to hear jeanetics scale 0 100 too,a possibilty to supply the links somehow again ? And thanks for a great blog by the way. I have if its easier

raphasantos a dit…
could you be kind to send the link(s) to my email? thank you!!!

jerome ngankee a dit…

if the links are still floating about


RF Victor a dit…

Can you please send me new links, if you still have the files? I've been looking for these albums for years!! Thanks so much!: )