dimanche 11 janvier 2009

JEANETICS, "Scale 0-100", 1990

Pour ceux qui ont apprécié les albums de Jeanette (notamment Sleepdriver qui l'attend avec impatience ;-), voici le disque qu'elle a réalisé avec des membres du groupe Furniture.

Scale 0-100

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Anonyme a dit…

Je ne connaissais pas !
J'écoute ==> et suis complétement accroché !

mais d'où sort-elle ?

j'ai lu tout ce que vous vous êtes dit sur Furniture mais n'ai
pas trouvé trace de Jeanette !
je retourne plonger dans Gorin ...

c'est étonnant.
si tu peux nous en dire plus n'hésite pas.

finalement, il y a bien plus obscur que jean bart.

mille échelles

Starsailor a dit…

merci pour ton intérêt Julien!
on ne trouve malheureusement que peu d'infos sur cette chanteuse, dont le nom de famille est Dwyer. J'ai posté ses 2 albums le 6 novembre. C'est une voix assez singulière en effet; elle a réalisé qq autres maxi et 45 tours sur le label Premonition/Survival

kolya a dit…

Salut Starsailor, et merci bien! J'ai cherche tres longtemps un exemplaire numerique de cet LP. J'ai presque saute quand je l'ai vu! Mais, s'il vous plait, the rest in english...mon francais est devenu vraiment rouille...
I have several articles from old NME and Melody Maker, as well as the other singles and EPs you mention in the earlier post. I will glady share them but I am not sure how to send them. Can I compress and email the zip files of the vinyl rips, or is there a way that I am not tech-savvy enough to know about?? (Most likely!). I also noticed that I have never seen Jeanette mentioned in ANY article about Furniture, even though they often played on her records. And to correct another comment, most every Jeanette song was a Jeanette composition, and only a very few songs (Lady Blue ep tracks and 1 or 2 others) were credited to various Furniture members. Not to take away anything from them, they provided excellent and sympathetic backing , and production at times as well. Okay, going on a bit too long, I mostly wanted to say thanks for the dl, and to ask how to get this other info to you. Best wishes, happy 2009 from the US!


herve a dit…

I am the owner of the sound of spirit blog. The link of the Kath Bloom is active. If you can not download the link, you can contact me at msn:hervepxavier@msn.com

Starsailor a dit…

hi kolya, glad to make you jump ;-)
I think you misunderstood one of the comments : it said that Jeanette was backed by Furniture members, not that she was a member of the band.
As for your proposition to share other Jeanette tracks, it's sure welcome !
the easiest way is indeed to make a file with all the tracks, compress it and upload it to a shareware platform (for ex. rapidshare or mediafire...) and they provide a link you can share with anyone you want to.
hope to read you again!

KOLYA a dit…

Hello again Starsailor, after much fiddling and many mistakes, I finally managed to upload the other singles and ep tracks by Jeanette; they are all long out-of-print, so any guilt about posting an artist's work is outweighed by my desire to also spread the word about this sadly overlooked talent. She seems to have disappeared after the Jeanetics lp came out, and in mid-1991 was no longer with Survival Records; they had no knowledge of her activities by then. Getting back briefly to Furniture (and then no more, as I know nothing about them, besides their playing on these recordings), it was Sleepdriver who mentioned that the two earlier Jeanette albums were written by Furniture, when they were in fact not. That's all I wanted to correct; both Hum and Prefab in the Sun records were credited to J. Dwyer. The only co-write credits come on the Lady Blue ep, on tracks 2,3,4. Okay, enough pedantics, and hats off to Sleepdriver in any case for his good taste in singers! (Anonyme aussi). The link is below for the singles/ep's, and let me know of any problems. Vinyl rips, but fairly clean. Listen to Sunnyside or Dawn Arises (two slightly differing recordings) and I dare you not to be seduced! The link:

http://www.badongo.com/file/12986134 (type in code letters, then scroll to page bottom for countdown).

Lastly, GREAT blog you have Starsailor: many thanks for Amory Kane and Johan Asherton, completely unknown to me before now. Wonderful, and much more to explore here. Best wishes!

KOLYA, with apologies for length (he said, making it even longer...)

Starsailor a dit…

thanks Kolya, but unfortunately I happen to have problems accessing to badongo, could you re-up the file to another platform ? that would be much appreciated!
and don't hesitate to leave comments, no matter the length ;-) regarding to how many times my files are downloaded, I don't receive so many comments!
have a good day.

kolya a dit…

Hi Starsailor, try this:


I am without a scanner at the moment, or I could transfer the clippings I mentioned earlier. I am working on that now. In the meantime, enjoy!


Starsailor a dit…

hi, you uploaded the list of the files (in wpl format) but not the files themselves (which should be wma or mp3) ! hope you can fix this!


kolya a dit…

Sorry Starsailor, I have deleted the megaupload file, I'll try to figure out how to do this correctly...I spent hours yesterday fiddling with the other file, and that's probably wrong,too. I don't know how to remove the links listed here in the comments, so others won't waste their time. SORRY, I'll let you know when I get this right.

In exasperation (exasperatedly?),

kolya a dit…

Patient Starsailor!

I think I finally figured it out, and my appreciation for all bloggers has increased ten-fold!!
The link, which replaces the two erroneous ones above :


Apologies for all the false-starts, my first time uploading...
Good luck, I hope for good news from you!


Starsailor a dit…

this time it worked, thanks !

Sleepdriver a dit…

Hi there! Thank you both very much for the Jeanetics' LP and for Jeanette singles, I'm gonna listen to them soon!
I'm sorry for my mistake, perhaps I read somewhere that Tim Whelan of Furniture played the keyboards on her albums and I was led to the wrong conclusion that he had written her songs...then,glad to have mistaken!, since now I even appreciate her music more!
I especially LOVE "Like A Fool"...could you post the lyrics to this wonderful song?