dimanche 22 août 2010

Richard & Linda THOMPSON, "First Light", 1978

Avec "Sunnyvista", cet album représente une nette baisse d'inspiration pour le couple (en sont-ils encore un à cette époque ?), avant le retour en forme que sera "Shoot Out the Lights", leur chant du cygne.

Le cd est devenu une sorte de petit collector.

First Light :

First Light

nb : les titres 4 et 5 sont liés.

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Rick a dit…

Thank you for
Richard & Linda THOMPSON, "First Light", 1978
RT is my favorite rock and folk guitarist and song writer. I have many of his cds (real cds I mean) but I didn't have First Light - until now!
I thoroughly recommend everything he's ever recorded.

Larts a dit…

Je ne connais pas le passphrase pour cette album. Qu'est ce que c'est?

Starsailor a dit…

there's no password, you just click on "First Light" at the bottom of the post, it's a mediafire link.

Larts a dit…

I've realised that now. I made an error. Thanks for your quick reply though and thanks for the wonderful R&L T album.

Anonyme a dit…

When I downloaded, track 5 "Died for love" is missing.Would you please upload again with this track reinstated?

Many thanks

Starsailor a dit…

hi David, it's not missing, it is linked with track 4.

Anonyme a dit…

This is very hard to find these days and so was a wonderful find for me... thank you so much. I was amazed that the link was still active.

Is this a CD rip?


Starsailor a dit…

hi RAM, no it's a rip from a cassette !

Joel a dit…

Hey there,
Can anybody re-up this release? It's impossible to find elsewhere it seems.


Starsailor a dit…

hi Joel, leave an email address and I'll send you a link