dimanche 23 juin 2013

Lawrence WOOLFE (aka Bob THEIL), Bridging the Silence (1993, Koch)

Auteur d'un album culte en 1982 ("So Far"), Bob Theil a publié celui-ci sous pseudonyme. Quelques titres ont une production très datée, mais les amateurs sauront apprécier la qualité des compositions.

Fading Ways, Fading Faces

Lady Don't Go

Ice Dance

2 commentaires:

Dion Odinot a dit…


a couple of years ago you posted the album 'some kind of change' of John Braheny. later you deleted the link because Braheny was planning a reissue. This year Braheny past away, and there is no reissue available.

So i'de like to ask if you could re-upload the album again. I would be very thankful.

kind regards from the Netherlands,
Dion Odinot

Starsailor a dit…

hi, yes I can send you the link if you give me an email address; I no longer put a link on the site.
kind regards.