dimanche 4 octobre 2009


Je recherche "Abstract" de Joe Harriott...

Joe Harriott - Abstract

can anyone provide me with Joe Harriott's "Abstract" ?

Thanks, I have it now!

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Christian a dit…

Hi! the new nuggets box set called where the action contains the tim buckley single once upon a time, which seems lost for many years, i'm still looking for the b-side of this singles woman give me your key

greetings from argentina

Starsailor a dit…

hi Christian ! Yes I'm eager to hear this track (I was a bit disappointed by the Live at the Folklore centre issued in August); the other side is actually called "Lady give me your heart") and I thought it would be issued sometime in a following volume of "Great lost Elektra singles" (http://rateyourmusic.com/release/comp/various_artists_f2/great_lost_elektra_singles__volume_1_/)
I would me most happy to hear the never issued soundtrack for the "Changes" movie....

Ricsi a dit…

I have the album, please send me your mail if you want it i will upload it for you, just one question, do you have the last Alan Kan for which you was looking for?? im more then 3 years looking for it with no luck would be very thankful if you can send it me, i proise i wont share it


Starsailor a dit…

that's very kind of you Rick !
you can find "Parfums de nuit " here :


and here is my email :